The GYPSY’s Blog: Why A Helmet?

The GYPSY’s Blog: Why A Helmet?

T.E. Lawrence and his Brough Superior Motorcycle He Called King George.

May 13th of 1935 dawned as a brilliant and beautiful mid spring day in the village of Dorset, England. Thomas, two months retired from the military, decided to take his Brough Superior SS 100 Motorcycle for a ride to the nearby township of Wareham.

As Thomas rode through the English countryside he reflected on the amazing life he had lived in his 46 years upon this planet; world traveler, archaeologist, writer, military officer and diplomat. He had done it all and seen it all.

As Thomas entered the large dip in the road he shuddered, he had never liked this misconfiguration of the road and wished that the His Majesty’s department of public works would do something to correct the poor visibility of the road ahead that this dip caused. That was the last thought Thomas had as he came up out of the dip and saw the two boys on their bicycles in the middle of the road. He swerved to miss them, lost control of the large motorcycle and was thrown over his handlebars sustaining severe head trauma. Thomas died in the hospital 6 days later on May 19, 1935.

One of the doctors attending him was neurosurgeon Hugh Cairns, who consequently began a long study of the unnecessary loss of life by motorcycle dispatch riders through head injuries. His research led to the use of crash helmets by both military and civilian motorcyclists.

I have rode motorcycles since I was 15 years old having been fascinated by them from a very young age. I have had several crashes that eventually led to me getting my left knee replaced at saint Francis Hospital in Topeka, Kansas in June of 2015.

One particular nasty crash occurred in July of 2011 when I hit an unmarked oil slick road in Abilene, Texas. That crash resulted in severe road rash and a concussion from not wearing a helmet. I now wear a helmet when I ride.

The state of Kansas, along with other states, has tried on numerous occasions to make mandatory helmet usage a law. I personally do not believe that the government should dictate whether or not you use a helmet or even a seat belt for that matter. Freedom of choice should always remain freedom of choice. I do however do not understand why, when given a choice, people would not choose to wear a helmet or seat belt.

For years I had no worries about whether or not I wore a helmet. It took one moment caused by the state of Texas to give me a wake up call and I have not looked back.

Everything has a beginning and an end. Poor Thomas’ end was the beginning of the study that led to motorcycle helmet recommendations worldwide. Yet that is not the only thing Thomas will forever be remembered for. For you see Thomas was better known by his professional name T.E. Lawrence. But the world and history will always remember him as Lawrence of Arabia.

And now you know “Why A Helmet?”


The GYPSY’s Blog: Do You Know Me?


Do you know me? The truth of the matter is no you do not. Unless we have personally shared wine, food and song together I am nothing more than a faceless entity typing words on an electronic keyboard. I can be whoever I want to be or whoever I want you to believe me to be. I can tell you anything I want and if I am good enough with the story you just might have enough faith in me to trust that I am telling you the truth.It is so easy to manipulate, lead and make others believe what you want them to believe. I can be real or I can be fake. For instance I got the following message yesterday:


Gypsy my friend, I cannot take it any longer, the guilt is eating me up. As my Presidency nears it’s end I have to cleanse my soul. It has all been a lie, a terrible, terrible lie. My son Don Jr., son-in-law Jared and friend Vladimir did help me steal the election from Hillary Clinton. I knew a Russia was going to interfere in advance. I agreed to deregulate numerous companies so that my buddies could make more money at the American peoples expense. I knew that there was no good reason to try a destroy Obama Care I just couldn’t stand for Kenya Boy to have his name on something that helped people get affordable health care. And I let the Tax Reform vote happen so that I could give my banking buddies a financial boost before I left office. I am so very, very sorry. I have asked God to forgive me and I hope you can too.

Your Friend Donald 

Does that mean that is real? Of course not it is no more real than this message I received the same day:


Gypsy I am so glad that I am a Giants fan. I know that they are Super Bowl bound and will win for sure. Cowboys Suck! Go Giants!

Your Friend Jerry Jones

These messages must of come from Donald Trump and Jerry Jones because they signed them right? Wrong! I was able with just a few key strokes and a little cut and paste to create two messages that for all practical purposes look legit but in reality are as bogus as they come. Just because I created the messages myself, that did not make them real. The name’s match but again that does not make them real messages.

So much misinformation travels around Social Media and the Internet it is often hard to tell what is real and fake. Sometimes we get so carried away in our convictions that we put ourselves into a potentially unwanted legal complication.

I asked two questions in a blog that was posted on another site about slander and liable and neither question was answered. Of course I didn’t need them answered because I already knew the answer. The questions were:

Did not your Attorney advise you against discussing this case outside of the court room? Did not your Attorney inform you that counter suits can be filed against you?

In a pending litigation your attorney does not want you discussing the case outside of the courtroom. The court frowns on it and whatever you discussed outside of litigation can be used against you and jeopardize the pending action. Also, if you at any point retaliated directly or in directly either verbally and through individual action a counter suit can be filed. Liable and Slander are the hardest cases to negotiate, litigate and win.

Most attorney’s shy away from them because of the two way communication that has already transpired. In order for a slander and/or liable case to have any validity at all one party has to 100% guilt free and without ever having responded in any way, shape or form.

Sometimes people will say that they have recordings of certain conversations that can be used against another person. But unless you are an agent of the Government or a Law Enforcement Agency any recording that you may have is inadmissible in a court of law. As a private individual, before you can legally record a conversation, you are required by law to inform the person that you are recording.

Case in point, when you phone a utility company to establish service they will often do a voice authorization over the phone. They inform you that the conversation will be recorded and they ask if you understand. Most corporations start out their telephone communications with this announcement: “This conversation may be recorded for training purposes.” The conversation is always recorded and that is considered due notice. So unless you have informed the other party you are recording anything you may have cannot be used in a court of law.

Too many times we are ready to jump on the band wagon and beat the drum just because something sounds right, or because we hate a person, or even like a person. Maybe our lives, at that particular time, are boring and a little drama sounds like a whole lot of fun but that whole lot of fun can cause a whole lot of hurt if there is no truth in the allegations. And the truth is we really don’t know, in this cyber world, what is truth and what is reality. We always hear talk about “Fake News” and we hate those who propagate it but news is not the only thing that can be faked. As I showed you messages can be faked too but so can so many other things.

I am a Tattoo Artist! Or am I? Maybe I just copied someone else’s tattoo’s into my profile on Facebook. I am an Artist! Or am I? Maybe I just copied someone else’s art off the Internet and claimed it was mine. Maybe the painting I posted in Tier 5 on my rewards page is in reality one that I got at a flea market. I own a Harley! Or do I? Maybe those are photos on my Facebook Profile of my deceased brother on his bike and I am claiming they are me.

Maybe I am all of you and I am none of you. I am whomever I want you to believe I am today. Tomorrow I may be someone else. I will tell you what you want to hear and I will manipulate you so that you think like I do, have the same belief’s I do, hate who I do and like who I do. I will be anything you want me to be or I will be anything you want others to think I am. I am a piece of clay with a keyboard and I take what ever shape suits my purpose at the moment. Until you meet me face to face you don’t know me and I don’t know you. You will only believe of me what I allow you to believe and I will only believe of you what you allow me to believe.

I for one will not participate nor be party to any witch hunt against any person no matter who that person may be. I have had my disagreements with people on social media but that is what they are, disagreements. You can agree or disagree with me and my opinions of others just like you can agree or disagree with their opinion of me. But the one thing that I will always do, no matter who it may be, is speak out if I think they have been treated unfairly. Everyone that has ever condemned another on social media has mostly done so based on flimsy, hearsay evidence.

There is an old expression; “I’m from Missouri Show Me.” Well I lived in Missouri for over 10 years of my life so “Show Me”! But unless you can show me something other than the type of evidence I can easily manufacture myself, as I have already proven I can do, then don’t expect me to jump on the band wagon with you. I would rather hear the sound of my pipes as I thunder down the highway than listen to the same old tired tune beat to death on the skin of broken drum head.




Like a Rubber Biskit I have spent my life bouncing from here to there and back to here again. I have created, guided and been the inspiration for many projects and events. I cannot sit still and must be constantly doing something, going somewhere and being involved. Writing, Art, Photography, Video and my Podcast affords me an opportunity to release the madness that transpires within my mind. My brain never sleeps so I have a lot that constantly happens within my head like a whirlwind before the storm. As an Artist I transpose some of my insanity to canvas yet it leaves me lacking and seeking out other forms of expression; the words I write fill some of the empty gaps left within my brush strokes and my captured images. The photos I take fill in even more of the cracks. Videos and Podcasts finish the job to make me whole and complete. So here you are, bouncing onto my page to look inside my head, read my words, see my art and photography and finally view my videos and listen to my podcast.
You shall leave, if not entertained and enlightened then at least dazed and confused. Hey, what do you want for nothing; a Rubber Biskit?