Like a Rubber Biskit I have spent my life bouncing from here to there and back to here again. I have created, guided and been the inspiration for many projects and events. I cannot sit still and must be constantly doing something, going somewhere and being involved. Writing, Art, Photography, Video and my Podcast affords me an opportunity to release the madness that transpires within my mind. My brain never sleeps so I have a lot that constantly happens within my head like a whirlwind before the storm. As an Artist I transpose some of my insanity to canvas yet it leaves me lacking and seeking out other forms of expression; the words I write fill some of the empty gaps left within my brush strokes and my captured images. The photos I take fill in even more of the cracks. Videos and Podcasts finish the job to make me whole and complete. So here you are, bouncing onto my page to look inside my head, read my words, see my art and photography and finally view my videos and listen to my podcast.
You shall leave, if not entertained and enlightened then at least dazed and confused. Hey, what do you want for nothing; a Rubber Biskit?